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Handicrafted Jewellery-Kazuri

Top Reasons Why Jewellery Is Essential For The Modern Woman

If you are a woman, you will know, irrespective of age and type, that jewellery has been one of the lady’s prized possessions and most sought-after. The same trend continues even in…

Kazuri- Handcrafted Jewellery

Want to Build a Successful Handcrafted Jewellery Business?

If you are a woman looking to establish your identity, we are sure one of the best ways of empowering you is to set up your enterprise. After all, you will realize…

Why is Kazuri Image the best for your Beads Jewellery business?

Are you planning to build your business? If so, you will realize that following all the mayhem caused by the COVID 19 Corona Virus pandemic, and things finally seem to be looking…

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