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Ceramic beads, jewellery and pottery handcrafted in Kenya.

Image Nairobi Limited (I.N.L) was incorporated in 2013 and the directors is a husband and wife team of Ramesh M. Shah and Sarita Shah, both of Asian Origin (Gujarati) and both are born in Kenya.

I.N.L was formed to manufacture school uniforms which is still being carried out. In 2017, I.N.L became an authorized dealer with a South African company to market their Promotional Products, Apparel and Headgear.

Business life of Mr and Mrs Ramesh Shah started in 1981 when they incorporated a company AFRI IMAGE, a Retail Boutique at Hamilton House, Wabera Street, Nairobi.

This boutique was selling a complete range of Safari wear for tourist business in Kenya and also African embroidered garments in Kitenge, Tye-Dye, Kikoy Fabric. This company was closed in 1997.

Another company was incorporated in 1984, SAFARI IMAGE LIMITED to manufacture a complete range of safari wear, African embroidered garments
in Kitenge, Tye-Dye, Kikoy fabric and started marketing these garments all over Kenya. Company is still in operation and still continue to
manufacture these garments.

Recently, in February 2021, I.N.L entered into agreement with the Management of KAZURI 2000 LTD to market their products in Kenya, neighbouring countries and also to export to S. Africa, India, Sri Lanka, USA etc

KAZURI 2000 LIMITED is a social enterprise Kenyan owned organization located in the outskirts of Nairobi in Karen.

We produce and sell Handmade / painted Ceramic Beads Jewelry and Pottery .

The Company was found in 1975 by a lady from Britain by the name Lady Susan Wood  (Wife of Michael Wood the founder of  Amref  flying Doctors in Kenya)  as a tiny workshop experimenting in making handmade beads Jewelry.

Lady Susan Wood started with two single mothers and soon discovered that there were many other women in the villages and slums around Nairobi, most of whom were disadvantaged single mothers and were in great need of regular employment. Driven by the desire to provide such opportunities Kazuri started and has now grown  into organization with a large workforce of over 340 Women (mostly single mothers) skilled in the production of hand crafted ceramic Beads jewelry and pottery.

In the year 2000 when Mark and Regina Newman the current Owners took over, Kazuri had a workforce of only 70 Women, Today the organization has continued to grow under the leadership of Mrs Newman and the Son Mr. John Newman despite the acute challenges brought about by the covid19 pandemic which has negatively affected both our export and the local markets forcing us to down size our operating capacities for survival.

We have further applied our knowledge of ceramics and the artistic flair that has made our jewelry so attractive, in the design and production of our own unique range of ceramic pottery which reflects the culture and wildlife of Kenya. Each piece, like our beads, is handmade and hand painted in rich colors.

Kazuri is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and strictly adheres to their Principles, practices and standards.

In the developing world of today’s Africa, the greatest contribution we can make is to create employment, especially for the disadvantaged and this remains our guiding philosophy. The result is reflected in the strength of the Kazuri family and the beauty of our products.

Our Mission is to provide and sustain employment opportunities for disadvantaged members of Kenyan society especially single mothers

Our Vision is to be recognized in both the local and International market as a top Brand of Hand crafted ceramic producer.

We have recently partnered with Image Nairobi Limited who have taken over Distributorship /Franchise in the East and South African counties of Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Mozambique,  Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Malawi

Our Brand is well established worldwide. We export over 70% of our products through a network of distributors all over the world and several Franchise outlets both locally and regionally

We also operate our own local retail outlets located in up market Malls in major cities in Kenya including a Factory shop at Karen.

Based on our latest observation there is a growing demand of our products worldwide including in the United States of America USA, Asia, Canada and in some European Countries where we are not represented where there exist huge potential for our products which has not been properly utilized.

We therefore continue to look for potential business partners to help us explore and tap into this opportunities to ensure continued sustainable employment thereby achieving our mission.

For more detail please contact us on info@kazuri-image.com

    Our Contacts

P.O Box  9356- 00200, NAIROBI
Bomco Construction Compound,
Godown No 2
Falcon Road/Kuguru Loop Off Enterprise Road,
Phone: +254 754 224 548
Email: info@kazuri-image.com

Partner with us, make a difference

Handmade products help to preserve traditional skills and techniques while providing livelihood to communities in need.


Over the years we have learned the master techniques to produce rare quality beads for our global expanding markets


The key architects of hand-crafted beads and jewellery in Kenya. We have over 45 years experience in making our products.

Happy Customers

Kazuri has served thousands of customers in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Americas and Australia with high demand items.

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We continue to be more innovative and creative in our production process to meet the ever changing market demands for all people.

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